Take a nap


Take a nap


To take a short and usually refreshing sleep, usually in the afternoon or early evening.


I was feeling very tired so I decided to take a nap.

I’m going to take a nap before I cook dinner.


The exact origin of the phrase ‘take a nap’ is unknown. However, it is thought to have been used since the 16th century with the meaning of ‘snatch a bit of sleep’. It is derived from the Middle English phrase ‘nappen’, meaning ‘to doze off’.


How long should I take a nap for?

A nap should usually be between 10-20 minutes. Anything longer than 30 minutes can make you feel groggy.

Can I take a nap anytime during the day?

Yes, a nap can be taken anytime during the day when you feel tired or need a bit of a rest.