Penny-pinching refers to the act of being overly frugal or stingy with money.


My dad has always been a penny-pincher, saving every penny he earns.

I can’t believe I have to pay for my own lunch today, my boss must be a penny-pincher.

My co-worker is too penny-pinching to even buy a cup of coffee.

I hate to be a penny-pincher, but I can’t afford to buy that dress.

My uncle is so penny-pinching that he always brings his own food to a restaurant.


The phrase ‘penny-pinching’ is derived from the verb ‘to pinch’, which has been used since the 16th century to describe the act of holding onto something tightly or reluctantly giving it away.


Q. How can I avoid being a penny-pincher? A. Start by tracking your expenses and setting a budget for yourself. Make sure to leave some room in your budget for fun activities and indulgences. If you still find yourself being too frugal, consider seeking professional financial advice.

Q. Is penny-pinching a bad thing? A. Not necessarily. Being a penny-pincher can be helpful in terms of saving money and avoiding wasteful spending. However, it can also be taken to an extreme, which can lead to a lack of enjoyment in life.