Get off the beaten path


The phrase ‘get off the beaten path’ is a figurative expression that refers to the idea of taking a different approach or route than the one that is expected or more commonly used.


I wanted to have an adventure, so I decided to get off the beaten path and explore an uncharted area.

Why don’t we get off the beaten path and try something new?

I’m tired of going to the same places, let’s get off the beaten path and find something different to do.


The idiom ‘get off the beaten path’ first appeared in the early 19th century in the United States. It was likely derived from the idea of a horse or wagon that veers from a well-worn road and goes into uncharted territory.


What does ‘get off the beaten path’ mean?

It means to take an unconventional or unexpected approach or route as opposed to the one that is typically used.

Can this phrase be used literally?

Yes, it can be used both figuratively and literally.